My brother, Murray and I as joint-secretaries, have very much appreciated the long and interesting letters which so many of you have sent us about yourselves and so far only we have benefited from the information. We have a most interesting variety of occupations among our members. The most unusual was that of Mrs. Eleanor Bennett (nee Scrymgeour) of Gooseberry Hill, Australia, who, in the course of her work as a botanist with the Department of Agriculture found a previously unknown native plant, now known as Bassia Scrymgeouriae.

So far we have only one minister, our Honorary Chaplain who has a teaching post at the Glasgow Training College. The teaching profession is well represented by Kerr Scrimgeour at present principal Geography master in Leith; William S. Scrimgeour recently retired from Kelso and now living in Penicuik; also retired are Miss Isabella S. Carrie and Miss Helen M. Scrimgeour of Newport where we also have Miss Nancy L. Scrymgeour who teaches in Dundee; Mrs. Rosemonde Morton who is a journalist with the local weekly paper; Miss Catherine K. Scrimgeour a retired lawyer and myself, after 30 years of practical farming doing part-time secretarial work for Dundee University.

By contrast, Murray began his career in the Royal Navy and saw the World also in the Merchant Navy but is now Glasgow Representative or the National Trust for Scotland. We have four doctors - Dr. Ian Scrimgeour in Fort William, Ontario. Dr. Neil Scrimgeour in Perth, Australia; Dr. D. Muir Scrimgeour in London and Dr. Gordon Scrimgeour in Morden.

Peter Scrimgeour is a Lecturer in Art and Design at Falkirk Technical College. Stockbroking which has made our name famous is represented by Alexander Scrimgeour of Bramley and several members of his family, now retired. while we have two with careers in Accountancy, your honorary auditor Anthony J.C. Scrimgeour who has just gone to Lisbon and Colin D. Scrimgeour of Woodbridge who is presently working with the Hospital Board.

Thomas C. Scrimgeour now living in Holyhead has an administrative post with British Railways. John H.C. Scrimgeour our Council Member in Canada has recently got a post as Scientific Adviser to the Federal Government - he fills in time between trains and planes looking for Scrimgeours in the local telephone directories for me; we are indeed grateful to him.

Mrs. Gueffroy from Iowa works with the North Western Bell Telephone Co. and is very keen on all outdoor pastimes; John L. Scrimgeour of Inverkeithing works for the Post Office and so does Mrs. Robina Bailey, in Huddersfield. In Hudson, Ontario, James Scrimgeour takes a special interest in the local Boy Scouts; Robert, Donald and Henry Scrymsoure Steuart Fothringham are all Landowners in Angus and Perthshire. Charles F. Scrimgeor, of London has just joined the Australia British Trade Association his Father and Grandfather had life-long connections with the Lancashire cotton industry but he branched out to Peru and Uganda and retired to Spain but returned to London to work with the Shipbuilding Industry Board - he says of his own life that he has "adhered to our motto of, "Dissipate" if nothing else. Maxwell Scrimgeour of Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A. is a trustee on the Scrimgeour Trust which is interested in "anything that will benefit the Scrimgeours".